Edit family or member details

From within ResultsHQ you can adjust both family and member data. You can also add new members to families. 

1. From within your ResultsHQ profile, click on the Settings button at the top right of the screen. 

2. You will find your members in several reports, depending on what status they have (Paid, Pending, Suspended). Click on either the Member List, Inactive Member Report, or the Suspended Member List from under the Weekly Tasks heading

3. The Member List will display. It will display all of the important details for your members. You can filter the Member List by each of the column headings. 

4. Click on the surname of any member that you who's details you would like to update. 


5. The Family Details screen will appear. Within here you will find all the details about the family. At the bottom of the screen, you will find any members that are attached to this family. 

What can you do here?

  • Edit any family details, and then press the Save Family Details button for those changes to take place

Some of the details you that can change include:

  • Family username and password to ResultsHQ
  • Guardian name and contact detail changes
  • Family mailing address
  • Family duty roster
  • Enable Member Access: This will lock someone out of their ResultsHQ profile if set to No

6. Managing athletes / members within a family:

At the bottom of the family details screen you will find the athletes / members associated with the family. 

You can edit some major variables within this screen such as:

  • Proof of Age Status (PoA)
  • Participation Status: If set to Yes, even if the member is active they will not be displayed on recording sheets and results entry
  • Status: Where Active = Paid, Inactive = Pending payment, History = Suspended member

If you make a change here, press Save to make the changes hold

Adding a new member to the family

  • If you would like to add a new member to the family, click the Add Member button and enter the relevant details

You can edit further details against the member by clicking the View button

The below screen will display. Make your changes and then press Save

  • Within here you can update details such as Member ID, Name, Club, and may other items
  • You can edit Age Groups if they have not been locked
  • Note: If a member has been included in a Batch Return, certain variables will be locked


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    Tim Pullen

    The sentence '- Edit any family details, and then press the Save button for those changes to take place' should be changed to 

    • Edit any family details, and then press the Submit button for those changes to take place
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    Nick Frederiksen

    Hi Tim! Thanks I've made that change. Sorry for the error. 

    Cheers, Matt

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