Linear Performance Levels (LPL)

This points scoring method will cause a linear / straight line calculation to be applied to your results. Each Event / Age group / Gender needs to be set up individually. 
A minimum and maximum result is determine, within which the straight lline relationship will be established. Minimum and maximum points are also determined. 

100m event, U10 Boys
  • Minimum result that points will be allocated for (worst result which will receive points): 30.0 (seconds)
  • Maximum result that points will be allocated for (best result achievable such as Centre Record): 15.0 (seconds)
  • Minimum Points: The points that will be applied to the the Minimum results, for instance 0 (zero) (this to be applied to 30.0 seconds and slower)
  • Maximum Points: The points that will be applied to the the Maximum result, for instance 100 (this to be applied to the best result of 15.0 seconds)

In the above example, results in between 15.0 and 30.0 seconds will receive between 0 and 100 points. As this is a straightline relationship, a result halway between 15.0 and 30.0 (ie. 22.5 seconds) will receive 50 points.

To set up the points
1. From within your ResultsHQ profile, slect Settings from the top right of screen
2. Select Linear from under the Points heading

3. The below form will be displayed and will be blank if you have not set up any levels.
4. Press the Add New button


5. The below setup form will be displayed. Within here you can create a new level that defines how you would like to setup up a specific Event / Age / Gender

6. Once you have entered all variables, select Save

7. Continue the process until all of your Event / Age / Gender combinations are established

The Linear Points Level method is now ready for calculation.

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