Personal Best Certificates

This report builder will produce a certificate which lists all of the events, and the results in which an athlete received PB results. Each certificate can then be printed off onto a new page. 


1. From within your ResultsHQ profile, select the Settings button from the top right of screen

2. Click on Centre PB Report from under the Reports heading



3. You will now be in the PB report builder. Select the particular group of athletes, dates, and events that you would like to include in your PB certificates.



4. Select the View button to produce your certificates into a new browser window

5. Your certificates will appear in a new browser window. They will include your Centre logo, and athlete and result details such as below. 


6. To print your certificates, right click on the image and press Print. Using the options provided by your web browser for printing (we suggest using Google Chrome), print your certificates to a printer or save as a PDF file.

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