What do members see through the online registration process?

To access the online registration area, members must access: or

by visiting and click on Centre Registration


1. You will find a screen where either New Members or Existing / Returning Members can register. 

  • Existing Members: By entering in their unique ResultsHQ username and password, their registration details will be pre-populated, and they will only need to review their details, add any further members, or remove any non-returning members
  • New Members: Will need to enter their membership details from the beginning and create a unique ResultsHQ username and password.



2. Step 2: Enter Family Details

The initial step of the registration process will gather family details that will be common to each Member. By default, ResultsHQ will arrange members into families. 

Below are some snapshots and descriptions of what fields are required in the page

Family Email address:

  • This will become the unique reference to this family in ResultsHQ.
  • It will also become the families username to access ResultsHQ content.
  • The email must be unique to ResultsHQ; it must not have been used before.
  • If it has been used before, the user must already be registered, and they should register via the Existing Member link.

What will the email address be used for?

  • It will be used to send a registration receipt to the family.
  • It will also be used by the family/member to access their results on ResultsHQ.
  • It will then be available in ResultsHQ for the organisation that they are registering with to provde communication, if desired. 


Email confirmation

  • The same email a address must be entered in as above. This is a check to ensure that it was typed in accurately. If it is not, the user will be notified of this, and will need to correct. 

Primary Contact

  • This is an area where the primary contact / parent / guardian details can be entered in. This will require first name, second name, and contact phone number
  • This contact detail is mandatory



Secondary Contact

  • This is an area where the secondary contact / parent / guardian details can be entered in. This will accept first name, second name, and contact phone number
  • These fields are not mandatory



  • The family will have a password that they use to access ResultsHQ, which will need to be entered here

Confirm Password

  • The same password must be entered in as above. This is a check to ensure that it was typed in accurately. If it is not, the user will be notified of this, and will need to correct. 

Duty Roster Nomination

  • If the organisation has set up a Duty Roster, the registering families will need to select from the available duties here.
  • Each of your duties is set up with a specific number of available positions. Once these run out, they will be removed from the list.
  • Note: If Duties are set up, the family will be forced to select from the available list. 
  • Duties can be changed manually by an Administrator in ResultsHQ


Terms & Conditions

  • Each registering family will need to accept the Terms and Conditions that have been included in the registration process
  • These will include: Centre customised Ts&Cs, State Association Ts&Cs (including photo policy), Timing Solutions Ts&Cs



3. Step 3: Enter Member Details


Member Name

  • Enter the members name and surname in the fields provided



Member Gender and Age Group

  • Select the Members gender
  • Enter the members date of birth. Note: That the month is found in the central position (Australian date standard). The Age group of the member will be calculated based on this date of birth


Medical Details

  • In this section medical details about each member can be entered eg. free text for specific medical conditions, and then Yes or No responses for Do you have Ambulance Cover and Permission to Seek Medical Treatment



  • At this point, the member must select a Club that they would like to register with. If your organisation is a single 'club' organisation, this will simply represent your Organisation/Centre name
  • A description of the club will be provided when it selected. This description is managed by an Administrator is ResultsHQ


  • Click Next at the bottom right of screen to save the details of that Member

4. Step 4: Summary Member List

  • Once you've entered the details of a Member, you will find yourself at a family summary. From here you can Edit existing member details, Add new Members, or Delete Members from the family
  • When you are happy with your family summary click Next at the bottom right of screen



5. Step 5: Confirm Membership Fees

  • At this step you will be provided with an overview of the cost of each of the members in the family. 
  • Discount: If any club discount structures are set up, they will be shown on the form
  • A subtotal of the net amount owing for membership fees will be displayed


  • Any additional Centre fees will be displayed (such as administration, lighting etc)
  • Click Next to proceed



6. Step 6: Centre Products/Merchandise

If merchandise has been set up, then it will be displayed here, along with descriptions. A family may choose to purchase items which will be added to their bill. 



7. Step 7: Enter address / billing details

  • Address: Enter the address details of the family
  • Payment Method: Select the payment method that you would like to use. Note: Different organisations allow different payment methods. The options to choose from are 'Cash' (manual payment at your Centre via cash/EFT/cheque) or online payment using the Paypal system (you can use your Visa/Mastercard or a Paypal account)


  • Once all information is filled in, select Next at the bottom right of the screen

8. Step 8: Transaction Receipt

  • A receipt of the registration will be provided. If using paypal the member will be sent to the PayPal service screen mentioned in next step. 



  • At the bottom of the receipt will be a choice to Email, Print, or Download a PDF of the Receipt. Note: An email automatically gets sent to the registered family


  • For a Cash payment, the Member can now make their payment manually. The benefit is that the members details are already entered and activated into ResultsHQ. They simply need the Financial status and Proof of Age fields approved. 

9. Paying with Paypal

  • If the Member has chosen to pay using online payment methods, they will instead be shown a button called Next in the above step at the bottom right of the registration receipt.
  • The will be directed to a Paypal service screen. Instructions for this step are provided on the page. 
  • Once a Member has registered using Paypal, their financial status will be 'Paid'. Funds will be found in your dedicated business Paypal account. For more information on how to set this up click here 
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