Online Registration payments using PayPal

1. Create your Business PayPal account

You must set up a Business PayPal account in order to accept online payments in ResultsHQ. Click on this link to go the PayPal merchant page

From the home page of PayPal select Sign Up at the top right of screen as indicated in the screen shot below

Click on the Get Started under the Business heading and fill in the relevant details for your organisation. This will take some time, as its quite detailed about your organisation.

2. Update Settings in your Business PayPal account 

Once you have a Business PayPal account, there are some settings that you need to change in order for the online registration process in ResultsHQ to work correctly

  • Click on the icon of the head and shoulders at the top right of screen, and click on Profile and Settings 

Update Website preferences

  • Click on the My selling tools option from the left hand menu
  • Click on the Update button to the right on the Website preferences row, as indicated in the below screen shot

There are some options that need to be changed in this area. 

Auto Return for Website Payments

You will need to turn this option On so that after your users make their payment, they will be returned to ResultsHQ to retrieve their registration receipt

  • Change the Auto Return option to On
  • Within the Return URL field paste this URL:
  • Click on Save at the bottom of the screen for changes to be saved

What will users see once this setting us updated?

Once users have processed their payment they will see the below screens appear consecutively automatically

Then back to ResultsHQ, where their registration is made offical


Change User Payment Options

By default PayPal will only allow users to pay using their PayPal account. However for more flexibility you can let them pay using their Credit/Debit card. Follow these steps

  • Go to Website Preferences settings which you accessed earlier in this instuction
  • Find the PayPal Account Optional setting
  • Update the setting to On

What will your users see now in PayPal?

As per below screen shots users will be able to click on Pay 


Instant Payment Notification

  • Click on My selling tools from the left hand menu
  • Click on Update to the right of the Instant payment notifications row as indicated in the screen shot

  • Ensure that the Instant Payment Notification has the URL
  • Also that the"Receive IPN messages (Enabled)" is ticked on



3. Update settings in ResultsHQ

  • Ask to enable your organisation for online registrations
  • Select 'Yes' at "Do you want members to be able to pay online via PayPal?" and enter the email address that is used as your log in for your PayPal business account and Submit (If this is not the same as your PayPal account it will not work and create a broken registration process...MAKE SURE IT'S CORRECT)



4. Test Your Settings

You are now ready to test your registration process... and enjoy online payments straight to your Business PayPal accounts!  

  • As a test run, set up an age group which has a very low value such as 5 cents, and register a dummy member to this age group. You should see the funds appear in your business paypal account; remember it will be inclusive of the Paypal % that you have included in your fee structure.
  • Check the Status Manager to ensure that the transaction has come through with an active financial status. 
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