Batching of members for the Returns Process

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Your members have Paid and you've sighted Proof of Age, now what?

By now you would have read and understood the Status Manager process

Once your members meet the criteria for inclusion in a state payment 'batch', the State Body will mark them as so, and your Centre will be required to make payment for that batch by a certain date. 

Once the appropriate members are marked, a report will be produced that will

a) summarise the number of members in each club/age group/gender

b) provide a list of all of the members that are included in the batch

c) indicate the amount of money owing (Number of members x $X)

d) Indicate a batch number which is to be included as reference on the payment

What happens when members are included in a Batch Return?

Once your members are marked for a payment returns batch, you will find a Batch Return report, which indicates how much you are to pay to the State Body.

To find this report:

1. Log into ResultsHQ

2. Click on the Registrations menu at the top - then More

3. Click on Batch Details under the RegistrationHQ heading

4. From with the Batch Details screen you will find tabs that represent either All, Batch Ready, Pending, or Approved Batch Returns

5. Click on Head and Shoulders icon to see a list of the members within the particular batch return that are viewing. You can export this list to Excel 

6. Click on the Eyeball icon to view a detailed report

  • Count of each of your age groups,
  • The total fees that are due to your Peak Body/Association, 
  • The count of New vs Returning members
  • The percentage of New vs Returning Members

7. Click on the Document icon to generate a Batch Return. This Batch Return muse be printed out and provided to the Peak Body with appropriate payment. The fee calculated on the Batch Return is the payment that should be made

Making Payment

Make payment to your Peak Body / Assocation (eg. WALA), and include reference to the Batch Number


What to do before your the Batch Return?

Review the members that will be included in a Batch Return, by clicking on the Batch Read tab. These are the members that are set to be included in the next Batch Return. 

If you feel that a member should be included in a Batch Return, but is not, try editing their details and then Saving the changes (even if this only means pressing Save). To do this process in bulk, go to the bulk numbering manager, and press Save on that page and all members will be 'edited'.


Issues with the Batch Return?

If you feel that there are members incorrectly the Batch Return, or if you feel some members are not included in the Batch Return but should be, please be in touch with

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