Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide: Gated Races

View a quick video of the hardware set up -

Here is a link to the recent webinar for the new 3 Series version of software we are about to release -

  1. Place the weighted bases on the track
  2. Set up the Wireless Timing Gates
  3. Connect the Timing Hub to your laptop computer
  4. Open the RaceHQ software from your desktop
  5. In the RaceHQ Setup screen connect your wireless timing gates, from inside track to out, one at a time
  6. Connect your Wireless Start device/s
  7. Press Continue and proceed to Race Screen
  8. Run your Race


Quick Start Guide: Non Gated (Circular) Races

  1. If using a wireless start device, connect the Timing Hub to your laptop computer
  2. Open RaceHQ
  3. If using a wireless start device, connect your wireless start device in the setup screen and press Continue
  4. If not using a wireless start device press Show Non-Gated Race
  5. Run your Race
  6. Press the Space Bar to record finish times, or use the wireless transmitter to signall finish times




Back to RaceHQ menu click here 

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