New Features in Registrations 2015/16

Here is a list of some of the more interesting updates that have occurred recently.


Updates to what a Club Registration User can see in ResultsHQ

As you may know, you can set up specific Users in ResultsHQ that have access only to certain features. This is a great idea if you want to segment which sections of ResultsHQ your Committee / Officials have access to. 

Click here to see what the Club Registration User has access to (recently updated) and how to set up a Club Registration User


Athlete Registration Gets a Facelift

The athlete registration now has a predictive typing search function that brings families into view as you type their name, transaction #, address, kids name. It will display all matches to then let you view/load the information into the Athlete Registration form.

The Athlete Registration form now also show kids who are active, inactive and suspended/historical too. 

You also have the benefit of only have the last season athletes in the search results. This means if the family you are looking for is more than a year of inactivity you can click on the "Show archived families" button.


Club level Cash and/or PayPal option

If you need one club to have Cash payment and and another club to have PayPal and a third club to have both options, you can now do this. Go to your Club/house button in the more area and update the payment type for the clubs e.g. Kids Sport Vouchers club could be created along side your normal centre/club profile. Kids who register with this have a different fee structure and are forced to do Cash transaction.


Communicate - families broken into season last active

The communicate function lets you refine your list based on last active season the family was in. 


Suspended Memebers - families broken into season last active


The suspended members list was getting longer and longer each year. So we have split the families into lists based on teh last active season. Hope that helps.


Second registration at the same family

You can register a family multiple times with different kids (only) and the family fee will not be included in secondary transaction. That's for online registrations and the athlete registration form.


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