Potential Event Records Report

The potential Records report can be used to determine whether there are any entered results in ResultsHQ that have broken the Event Records list, based on Records current at that particular date.

This includes all results that have been uploaded from RaceHQ, CompetitionHQ or entered directly into ResultsHQ and the record hasn't been acknowledged at the time.  eg. Clicking on "Accept Results, Discard CRs" button when entering results via ResultsHQ.

The Potential Records report will tell you if the particular result on this date has been approved already or not. And it can also be converted to a Record from this screen

1. To access the report, click the Potential Records button from within the results entry section as per below screen shot. 

2. A screen such as below will appear. 

  • On the left it will display the result on 'todays' date that has surpassed the Event Record
  • On the right will the be Event Record that has been surpassed
  • A status indicator to the right will indicate if the new result has been converted to a 'Current Record' ie. it has been made official

3. If the potential Event Record has not yet been made official, a Make CR button will be available. You can click this button, and the result on the left will be entered into your Event Records list

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