Recalculating Season Bests and Personal Bests (SB's and PB's)

The Season Best table will now need to be recalculated separately to the PBs. This would  be the case if for example, somoeone miss keyed a value for the 100m race of 9.78 (from the 70m), when it should have 13.89. 

Fixing up the result value from 9.78 to be 13.89 wont update the Season Best of 9.78 automatically. 

To do this go to Events - Calculate and click on the Recalculate Season - Season Bests button. This will flush through the season and fix up any issues based on your current results values.


The Recalculating Season - PBs button will go through from the start of season through to the current date, and see if any results should be PB's based on the prior weeks results. This recalculation is very handy if you have changed your PB logic to include or exclude the first weeks results or not. It is also handy if you had to go back a few weeks and rekey data that has come to hand.  

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