V3.0 Start Device and Wireless Speaker/s

Here is some useful information about the new V3.0 wireless start device and wireless speakers.



Speaker features:

  • 112 dB beep or bang at 1 m
  • 1.2 kgs per unit including batteries
  • Speakers are wifi enabled via the LED Flasher unit. They can be cable tethered to each other in a daisy chain and to the start device using the included 3.5mm audio cable
  • Multiple bangs/beeps can be fired to sound a false start from the one start device
  • Use 4 x AA batteries that will give them around 80 hrs of use
  • One speaker would be sufficient for a 100m start line, 2-3 would be required for a 400m start

Approximate Costs:

  • 3.0 Start device $737 incl GST
  • LED Flasher/transmitter unit - $192.50 incl GST
  • Wifi Speaker unit - $660 incl GST


This is how it works...

1. The start device top left plug with the antenna symbol connects to the start control via a 3.5mm Audio cable.

The Audio cable supplies power and also the sound from the start device to the Transmitter unit and LED array.

2. Once the transmitter unit is connected to the start device, the start device can be turned on. If you turn on the start device then plug in the transmitter unit, it will turn the start device off. 

3. Turn the speaker on

4. To transmit and noise from teh buttons or voice like "On your marks get set ...", then you need to press the talk button on the start device, located at the bottom right side with the person speaking icon. When you press this button the start devices green LED will blink with a  red light mixed too. This will blink for 12 seconds, in which time it will transmit your voice commands and your start button beep/bang noise.

Note there is an input for a mic, if you have a lapel microphone, you can connect that so you don't need to talk to the start device. This will give a better sound and less handling of the start device noise.

5. After 12 seconds is up the red/green blinking light will go back to just green and you wont be able to transmit any voice or start sounds.

6. The speaker should also flash its green LED at the front of the amplifier case when the start is transmitted as per the Push to Talk transmitting mode (step 4 above). Also the green LED array on the transmitter will also flash when the start signal is transmitted. The speaker LED is for any hearing impaired athletes, while the LED array on the transmitter is for the manual time keeps at the finish-line.

7. The Transmitter needs to be installed on something tall (starters stand) with the antenna nice and tall. The speakers should also have good line of sight to this transmitter with their antenna nice and tall too.

8. You can have multiple speakers talking to the one transmitter. However if you have multiple transmitters for front and back straight scenario then you can tune the transmitter and speakers to be on different channels to prevent cross talk. MORE


Wired connection....Note you can connect the start device direct to the speaker via the in plug on teh speaker and then daisy chain to the next speaker with the out of the first speaker plugging into the in on the second speaker etc.


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