Reason to get your gates serviced

Below are some issues to look out for, which mean we will need to give your gates a service. Here is a topic around reception issues too - reception topic


1. The black LED cup is not seated nicely in the hole.

Bad LED alignment...notice the gap allowing you to see inside the tube



This is what it should look like with the LED cup seated nicely in through the hole towards the outside of the tube



The outcome form the bad alignment will be "phantom times" or alignment issues with the gate, as the LED is emitting light to the inside of the gate tube as well as to the outside world. It should only be emitting light to the outside world.


2. The On/Off switch is hard to get too...this is an image of a bad switch position. 



This is what they should look like. Allowing you to get to it easily with just the soft of your finger tip.



3. Bent poles...this is caused from excessive heat, which is normally the poles been left in a car in summer. This will need a new pole outer, as you will have alignment issues with this sort of bend.



4. Original battery holders are tricky to attach the battery connector if it is pulled out as it is down inside the tube. Also the battery holder is prone to getting rattled around and damage the female connector inside the gate.



The newer version lets you connect and disconnect your battery holder easily via this red connector. This also means if a battery holder is damaged, we can just post you a replacement holder.



Please contact us via to organise getting your gates serviced


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