Setup up your RegistrationHQ area

Welcome to the set up steps for RegistrationHQ.

Before you set up your registration fees etc...make sure you have set up the contact details for your Centres Registration home page - more


1. Click on the Registration - Setup button



2. The setup screen shows you all the relevant areas that you will possibly want to use for your registrations. Here are what the different tabs relate too:

  • Products - the default product is called default. This is the standard 365 days product for a full years enrollment. You could add extra products like Trialist etc and set the fees up accordingly...more
    • Note if you want to absorb your registration fees you can do this via these steps...more
  • Extras - This is for items you want to sell like t shirts, water bottles etc...more
  • Duty Roster - If you want registrations to force the user selects a duty then set this up ad turn on the function to do so...more
  • Discount Codes - you may want to give out codes to special people like committee members to give them a discount, or early bird special etc...more
  • Terms - if you want the user to read and agree to your terms then this is where you fill out that content...more
  • Welcome Message - Customise the email the user gets when their registration is complete...more
  • Questions - Set up questions that you want to ask your users when their register...more
  • Options - tell us the bank account details to send your back to you, if you want to absorb the fees and if you want a private registration session...more


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