Products - fees,discounts, family caps etc

Products are what your members are sign up to, they are your membership fee/s. The default item in your products is called Default. This is a 365 day product (full season) that the members sign up to. This is there in your products list without you having to do anything. You can add other products like Trialist etc and have a separate fee structure for this.

Note: the platform fees for using this RegistrationHQ function may vary from State to state, but the general fees look like this - $2.2 per athlete to Timing Solutions and then the transnational fees are $0.30 plus 2% of the total transaction cost. The centre can choose to absorb or to add on this charge to the user registering.

The focus right now is for the current Default product. The steps and logic are the same for any other product you may set up.


1. Go to Registrations - Setup



2. Then click on the Fee Structure button for the Default product



3. When the fee scree opens you will see where you can add new age fees with these various fields. The Discount Yes/No, means that age group will be eligible for discounts (next tab in the fee set up). Note the Associate fee flows through from the association, you can not edit that fee.



4. The next tab called Discounts is where you set up discounts for multiple athletes. The discount value is a total $ dollar value that the X number of athletes will be discounted by. So in this example, if two athletes register and their age fee has discount set to yes (previous step with fee set up), the total discount for just the member fees will be $105. So if two athletes should total say $200 then the new total fee would be $200-$105 so they would only be charged $95



5. Family - will let you set up addition fees for the family, regardless of the number of athletes the family has. If you don't have an additional family fee then you can ignore this step. 

You can also set up a Family that a family will only pay a total of $X for their whole family. This includes all products, fees, extras etc. 



6. The final step is say how you want users to be able to pay for their registrations...Cash (they will send you a cheque, EFT or give you cash), versus online means the will be able to use their credit card or a PayPal account.



Now you have completed setting up the Default product. If you wanted to add other "products" like trialist, then you would need to repeat these steps but under the new product you have added. 

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