Duty Roster - tasks that users have to nominate for during registration

Duty roster lets you set up tasks/duties that users need to select nominate for while registering. If you have duties set up and turned on then it is compulsory that a all users registering will have to select a duty to complete their registration.


1. Go to Registrations - Setup



2. Click on the Duty Roster tab then Add Roster



3. Give your Roster a name, the system lets you have multiple rosters. So give them meaning full names. This roster we are setting up here will be used for the registration process. Then press Create once you have filled in the required fields.



4. Now once the screen refreshes click on update for this Roster



5. Click on the Setup tab



6. Fill in the required fields. 

Note - you can also import duties via the import function and template available also on that page



7. Once you have added your duties you can now turn them on or off so that users see them or not while registering




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