You may want to ask questions of users while they are registering..."how did you hear about our centre?" etc. These steps will help you step up your question/s.

1. Click on Registrations - Setup



2. Click on Questions can either set up your Terms or you can Add New to add a new question



3. You have options with your questions. Working form the top these are the fields and what they mean

* Question Type - Yes/No

* Terms - If you choose Yes it will use your "question" as  a lead in to the Terms you created. If you set it to no, it will just be a normal question without that link to your terms

Mandatory - this means the user must reply with a Yes option. It is the only option that is user is offered and must be selected or they wont be able to progress

Required - If this is set to Yes, they will need to respond to you yes/no or text question

Then press Save when done.


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