Account Information

Please fill in the Bank Account details so we can pay you the balance of your registrations revenue.

Note: The state body fill and our registration platform fee will be taken out before the funds are returned to you. This way you receive what is owing to you and you do not need to pay anyone else (state body or timing solutions). 

**Find our more about the Payment Cycle/process

Please go to:

1. Go to Registrations - Setup - Options



2. The options page lets you

*1 - Account Information - fill in your bank account details so we know where to transfer your registrations back to you to you

*2 - Absorb processing fees - decide if you want to absorb the registration fees or not for your centre...more

*3 - Private Registrations - allow your centre to turn off your registrations while testing etc. Note the direct link to your registration home page is available here



3. To add your bank details click on the add button as per above and then, key in your details and press submit



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