Payment Cycle - getting your online registrations money

As all online payments for Credit/Debit Car and PayPal go to Timing Solutions. This is the logic and time frames behind your centre and state getting their fees...

 Every Sunday afternoon / evening Timing Solutions (TS) will conduct a Batch for all Centres.  This will catch all those athletes that have paid (not focused on Proof of Age or Athlete #) for the new batch period (since last week’s batch).  The funds appropriate funds from that Sunday batch will then be sent to the state body and Centres on the following Friday to the nominated bank accounts.

TS will repeat this each week.  The first payment into Centre accounts (set up this account info) will be a small amount less than $4, to prove that TS actually have the Centre’s correct bank account details.  TS will also send Centres an email asking for confirmation of the test transfer value.  Once the Centre replies to TS with that value amount, TS will then transfer the full amount owing.  Each transfer after that will be the full amount (no more test amounts, unless the Centre updates bank details at some point)

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