Setting a channels for your Transmitter and Receivers

If you have multiple LED Flasher/transmitter units and wifi speakers to look after a front straight and a back straight, you may need to set up different channels for the group of LED Flasher/transmitter and X speakers. 

What you will need:

1. Download this programming application - RemoteAudioConfig - V1_0_0_6.exe

2. A USB Mini cord like what is used for your timing hub/dongle

3. Your single LED Flasher/transmitter unit

4. The X number of speakers you wish to pair to your LED Flasher Unit only


The are about to change the channel from the default of 434.65 MHz to another frequency/channel. You are going to do this only on the indivudla devices you want to talk with each other. The process means they will no longer be on the default frequency and no longer be able to talk to the default devices you may have. So it is important to mark/identify these devices as being different and not mix them up...otherwise they will not be able to talk with the default devices you may have. You can come back and change their frequency/channel back to the default if you need to at a later stage with this same application etc.


So the steps are:

1. Start up the RemoteAudioConfig application

2. Plug in your USB mini cord to the laptop and to the LED Flasher/Transmitter unit

3. Press the connect should then go green (you may need to select the correct comm port)

4. Click on a frequency other than what the default should choose one further away from the default

5. Press the Write to TX (TX is the LED Flasher/TRANSMITTER)

6. You should get a message saying this is done

7. Press the Disconnect button up next to the Green circle

8. Unplug the LED Flasher/Transmitter unit

9. Plug in your first speaker

10. Press the Connect button at the top and you may need to select the available comm port

11. Then make sure you correct frequency is selected again...same frequency as step 4 above

12. Then press Write to RX (the wifi speaker is the RECEIVER)

13. Press the Disconnect button once you see the message saying this is done

14. Unplug the wireless speaker

Now before you proceed further do a test with your start device, new channel LED Flasher/Transmitter and new channel wifi speaker. Note you do not need to be in race screen or connected to RaceHQ, just turn them on and do a test.

Assuming that is all going well, continue the programming of your remaining wifi speakers if needed. Write on the decal next to the USB plug in area what frequency you went with on all your devices. Then consider putting something more visual on these devices to distinguish them from your default devices.




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