Mobile App - using the Temporary PIN

What is the temporary PIN - the temporary PIN is already in use in the mobile web app. It means there is another layer of approval that gives you global control over App users at your centre. 
Log in - the log in is the same...usernames need a valid username and password. This will get them in to the home screen. the user will need to use that PIN to then enter/edit results. If you remove that PIN, then the user will not be able to enter/edit results. If you change that PIN, then the user will need to put in the correct PIN to be able to enter/edit results. Making sense?
Note - Super users how ever do not need the PIN, they bypass this need for a PIN.
Set up a PIN - go to ResultsHQ Centreadmin - Setup - Profile Details - Mobile PIN...There is a Make PIN or Remove PIN and the PIN is a big 4 digit number on the screen. So hand that PIN out to your users for the day. The PIN does not expire, so you may leave it the same PIN all year if you prefer.
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