CompHQ (download) First time use and Setup instructions


Download CompetitionHQ from v1.11.11 here

Updated 15-06-2017


First Steps

To get started with CompetitonHQ double click on the icon you have recently gained access to.


Some initialisation steps will occur and appear on screen. 

Once it opens you you will see the setting icon in the top right (the cog between the trophy and the minimise button) .



After you click the 'cog', you will then see the settings menu form appear, which will have a number of tabs across the top, each representing a different settings area. 


Note the General tab has some important settings to help you get the best display and upload of your results into ResultsHQ...focusing on the yellow arrows below in the picture...

1 - Recalculate positions in ResultsHQ after upload... this means that ResultsHQ will ignore your placings in CompetitionHQ and use its own calculations to determine 1st to Xth place regardless of count back placings etc

2 - Calculate positions by age/gender group...this means that if you enter results for a mixed age/gender group e.g. 6-7 boys and girls, then the applications will give you 1st - Xth for the 6 Male, 6 Female, 7 Male and 7 Female separately even though they are on the one screen. If you do not have this turned on the places with be set base on one 1st place to Xth encompassing all athletes, disregarding age/gender

3 - Use simple high jump results layout...if you only want to enter results for high jump as a simple height and then overwrite the place with your own place logic this is what your looking for...otherwise the high jump results screen will be the tick, cross and dash results entry height by height for live count back



Refreshing CompetitionHQ with your member data

Please see the screen shot below which aligns with instructions numbering

1. Click on the Web tab within the Settings area

2. To provide CompetitionHQ with the latest information of Centres and passwords, you must be connected to the internet, and click on the Refresh button

3. A list of athletics Centres will now appear in a drop down list to the right of the Centre field. Find your athletics Centre name from the drop down list

4. Enter your Centre password in the field to the right of the Password heading. Note: This password is the same as the adminstrators access to ResultsHQ

5. Press the Refresh button again. You will notice the buttons on the buttons on the screen grey out as CompetitionHQ communicates with ResultsHQ. You should see the statistics at the bottom right of screen of member, PB,CR count, increase in size


Automatically sync on startup: If you tick on Automatically sync on start up, it will do the above steps as you turn on the application each time.

If you turn on CompetitionHQ on day that aligns with your ResultsHQ calendar and program, then the events for that date will be downloaded

Other settings options:

Printing - Find settings that enable you to print event summaries and individual race tickets as you type in results 

Event List - if you need to manually add an event on the fly, click on the Event List tab and tick on or off the events you need

  • Advanced option - lets you create programs and print recording sheets

Member List - lets you see members that have been populated from the most recent sync

  • You can also import members from a .csv template if you need

Centre Records - lets you see latest Centre Records that have been populated from the most recent sync 

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    Nick, If we were to use competitionHQ to run our Eastern Riverina Zone Carnival how do we get a separate table space and login details and is there a cost? 

    Just looking at options whether we just run with the printouts from raceHQ for race timing and paper sheets from meet manager, print off the tickets with lane number, place and time then march them off to the recording shed for manual processing OR do we try and get all the competitors from the 8 different centres uploaded (seems fairly trivial to get them imported from a spreadsheet) and use competitionHQ.

    Any suggestions?



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