Entering High Jump results into CompetitionHQ

1. When you first open up CompetitionHQ on a particular date you will be greeted with a screen such as below, within which there are no Genders, Ages, or Events selected. Because of this there will not be any event or member data on the screen. 



2. Select the Gender and Age Groups that you would like to enter results for. You can enter results more any combination that you would like. Simply click on the category that you would like to include in your results entry screen and you will notice that category will be highlighted in blue 


3. Select the High Jump Event that you would like to enter results for. You can only select one event at a time.


4. You will be presented with a list of Members that are in this particular age/gender combination. High Jump has a specific results entry screen layout, since there is some more potential for complexity with High Jump results than with other events, such as many attempts, and countbacks. 

5. You are required to enter in the height of the bar height that is being attempted. Enter this under the Attempt 1 column in the red box indicated below. You will notice as you enter an attempt that a new column will appear to the right, ready for you to enter the next attempt once the time comes


6. There is availability for three attempts per height. Each attempt is represented by a circle. By clicking on the blank circle, you will indicate whether the athlete was successful or not for their attempt

  • Green tick indicates the attempt was successful. The remaining attempts will not be actionable, the athlete has successfully achieved this heigh
  • Red cross indicates the attempt was failed. The athlete can continue to compete for the remaining attempts. If three crosses/failes are recorded, you will not be able to proceed to the next height with this athlete

Examples shown in below screen shot

  • Example 1: Mr Barber below was successful with the 0.65m height in his first attempt. 
  • Example 2: Mr Beier was unsuccessful in his first two attempts at 0.65m, but was successful on his third
  • Example 3: Mr Carr was unsuccessful in all three attempts. He will not be able to have any further attempts recorded against his name. 


 7. Countback Logic: The number of attempts is taken into account to determine a place against each athlete. A smaller number of attempts is preferable to a larger number of attempts. In the example above, despite Mr Barber and Mr Beier both having succeeded at a height of 0.65m, Mr Barber achieved this in one attempt versus his opponents three attempts. Therefore Mr Barber receives a better places than Mr Beier

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