How to set up nominations for upcoming event

To set up nominations for an upcoming event there are a couple assumed steps that you have done already...

1. You have already set up the date and program in ResultsHQ for this event - more...

2. You have synced your CompetitionHQ with ResultsHQ to get your latest members, PBs etc - more...


So now that those prior steps have been performed lets get onto the nominations process.


1. Click on the calendar icon in the top right corner



2. Use the arrows to move from month to month



3. Click on the date your upcoming event is for



4. Let the screen build the event list etc for you...this may take 10-30 seconds...just wait till its finished


5. Click on the "Show Member List" button



6. Drag the screen wide enough and tall enough so you can see all the events you have set up...or click on the maximise icon to use the whole screen

7. Once the events are all visible you can then sort the column headings, filter via age/gender group/s and tick or un-tick events for athlete as can also import members and their nominated events from an excel template

Template download - HERE

just click the X in the top right corner to save and close your nominations...



Your events will now be ready with only the athletes you need for them.




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