Basic settings - Profile Details form


There are some important areas within this form. Generally once you've set them up, you won't need to come back into this page.

This is where you can enter your basic Centre contact details and update important items to do with online Registrations (if using RegistrationHQ for online registrations)

Its important to fill in as many fields as appropriate as these details may flow into other features and print outs within ResultsHQ

Below under subheadings, you will find a description of each of the fields.

Set Mobile Results Entry Application - Mobile Login Pin

If you are using ResultsHQ mobile results entry app, you will need to use a pin code to access your centre results entry area from your mobile device.

The pin code will be set to a default and will be displayed at the top of the Profile Details form for ease of access. However if you'd like to reset the code for better security (eg. once a week) then press the 'Remove Pin' and then 'Set Pin' button. The new pin number will be displayed.

Note: To access the ResultsHQ mobile results entry portal visit from the web application on your mobile device (smartphone/tablet), select your Centre and enter the Pin code when required. To access the forum which will illustrate how to use the mobile web results entry application in detail click here.


Enable Online Registration (this setting has been removed from this screen)

If you would like your members to be able to register via the online registration process, kindly email [email protected] and request this option to be turned on. Once this is turned on, your organisation will appear in the list of available organisations to register with when members visit and follow the Centre Registration link.


The Centre Admin Email

Enter an appropriate contact email within this field, and then press Submit to save the entry.

This email will be used as the destination email address when you send out emails from ResultsHQ via the Communicate function

5 Cent SMS Password

ResultsHQ has the ability, via the Communicate function, to send out messages via sms to your registered members. ResultsHQ relies on a third party service provice called '5 Cent SMS'; if you would like to utilise this functionality you must first set up a 5 Cents SMS account at 5CentSMS is an Australian SMS communication company. Timing Solutions/ResultsHQ does not have any financial relationship (or otherwise) with 5CentSMS, we purely integrate to their product (our product talks to their product). 

Once you visit 5CentSMS

  • Create an account using your centre admin email which was set in the step up above. 
  • Enter a password for the 5CentSMS account
  • Add some credit to your 5 Cent SMS account - you will need to come back here to 'top up' the account if you run it dry. 
  • Come back to ResultsHQ and enter your 5 Cent SMS password into the '5 Cent SMS Password' field and press Submit

You are now set up to send sms to your members via the Communicate function. This is discussed in more detail in another section of the forum click here.

Every time you send an sms out from ResultsHQ it will use your 5 Cent SMS account to do so and use up your credit accordingly. Please ensure your credit is sufficient so all your audience is reached.



Centre Contact Details

For each of the below fields, enter the data and then press Submit for the change to be saved

  1. Centre Admin Phone Number: if we need to contact you then we have a number to do so.
  2. Centre Contact Person:  If we need to contact your Centre we have a name to go with the email and phone number.
  3. Centre Physical Address: There will be future functions that may reference this field.
  4. Centre Postal Address: This may be useful if we ever need to send you anything.




PayPal Options  (this only appropriate if you use our online registration product)
  1. Do you want members to be able to pay online via PayPal/Credit Card: If you are using RegistrationHQ and want to let members use online payment options then you can turn this function on here.
  2. Your centres Business PayPal account Email: For online registration payments, you must have payments from members sent to your own PayPal account. You can set up your own Business PayPal account and let your members pay direct into your own PayPal account when registering. Visit to set up your account, and then enter the email address of your account into this field and press Submit



Organisation Logo

If you would like to have your logo displayed within ResultsHQ and on various reports, upload your logo here. Simply press Choose File, then navigate to the logo that you would like to use, and select it. Then press Submit to save the logo. 


Allow calendar creation with API?

When this option is set to "YES" ResultsHQ is enabled to allow the upload of results from the related results applications eg. RaceHQ and CompHQ without having to create a Calendar Event first.  The event will be created in ResultsHQ on the fly. 


Here is the related setting in RaceHQ.


Round timed events to one decimal?

When this option is set to "YES" the default value for all timed events add to a Calendar Event following the change to this setting will default to "YES".

Now when entering results via Edit Event Results in ResultsHQ for timed event the displayed value will be rounded up to one decimal place.  eg. 18.12 will be displayed as rounded up to 18.2.

Also note that when a race is timed via RaceHQ the displayed time is rounded up to one decimal place.  If you would like to display the two decimal value just change the "Round results to one decimal?" value back to "NO" for that event. 


Draft results management defaults.

When managing your meet with ResultsHQ sometimes you do not want results to automatically post to all your athletes family results portal. Draft Event management is a new feature that allows you to hold up results in the system and publish when any official checks have been completed.  For further detail on this option click here.


Show nominated members?

This options is a global setting to show/hide nominated members in the following areas:

  • Reports
  • Communicate
  • Nominations
  • Member List
  • Numbering
  • Recording Forms


Allow inactive members to participate?

This is determined by the State body. If this is enabled, changing option to "YES" adds inactive members to recording forms and result entry screen.

Note your existing dates and calendar will not show these athletes, until you enter the next date and calendar. If you want to get inactive athletes to an existing date you will need to use the Event Registration for those dates. Event - Calendar - View - Event Registration. Otherwise you could use the Event - Calendar - Nominations - tick on nominate all.


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