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The below instructions will show you how to import your membership data, in the case where you are not using ResultsHQ for registration purposes.

The first thing you need to do is log in to ResultsHQ - Centre Admin login

Centre/Club Names: Before you import and members, you should set up your Centre or Club names. For information on how to set-up your centre/club name click here.

You can import your member data for your centre here. If you are a fresh centre with no members, please download and complete the following template here. Once the import template is completed, the import process is done via the 3rd step of the Setup Wizard Members  section here.  If you already have members in the system that you would like to update, you can go to 'Member List', under the 'Members' drop-down menu option. Update the exported member report document and use that file to perform the Member Import.


Follow these steps to import members from an STG club online... 

Go to 'Member' menu heading. You may have an IMG member sync button displayed, if not you should hit 'Member Import'. 

Enter an appropriate email address into the field provided and click 'Submit'. This could take a few minutes, you should receive an e-mail confirming your synchronisation. 

If you have made a mistake and need to re-import all member numbers at any time go to 'Season roll over' in the settings menu and reset them.


For more information regarding this step click here.


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