Step 2 - Events List



Step 2 is to choose what events you want in your centre.

Your centre will be set up with a limited number of events, if you require an event not in the general listing then you will need to add the event first. Go to the 'Event' then 'More' heading then locate the Events button.


When you add an event the 'Remove' option appears, this confirms that the event has been added.


You can now apply rules to your events by going to 'Event Rules' 

Choose an event and write the rules in the box provided, or possibly copy and paste the rules from your previous centre handbook.

The box can be enlarged by dragging the bottom right corner.



We are aware that it is not possible to format your rules as you would like at this moment in time, it is a feature that we are looking into.


For more information regarding this step click here.


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