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  • Jodie & Mark Heath

    we really would appreciate work on the email set up... changing the heading would be brilliant so that we could add something about what the email entails... many of our members delete it as junk, formatting options would also be a huge improvement

  • Nick Frederiksen

    Hi Jodie, thanks for raising this!

    The Email Heading is on our development list; completely agree that it's not ideal at the moment. That will be the first priority. 

    We would also like to look into formatting of the email body so that you can make your email look nicer for your users. Both of these items we're hopeful will be ready pre christmas.

    More longer term we're looking to integrate ResultsHQ with an advanced and established email campagin manager, such as 'MailChimp'. This will enable you to create 'distribution lists' within ResultsHQ (as your contact management system) and then send them to MailChimp (or equivalent) which would enable you to put together really great emails / formatting / pictures etc, and also track who has opened, how many times they've opened, what they clicked on in the email, etc. Interested in your thoughts on this....

  • Jodie & Mark Heath

    Mail chimp or similar sounds like a great idea, anything to make it really work for clubs and something that is simple as not all committee members have a high IT level.  Also is there any way to filter the communications list to only "active" athletes we have all the email addresses from last seasons athletes still in the list

  • Nick Frederiksen

    Hi Jodie; yes to make the communicate list point to only active members, select some age groups (even all age groups) and press Refine Families and that will shorten the list to be only active families. 

  • Tony Frampton

    Hi Matt / Nick

    Formatting would be great including the ability to setup with standard email fields / backgrounds similar to outlook. Also adding attachments would be handy with newsletters, carnival flyers, entry forms, etc.



    PS error when sending to whole membership - crashes like last year where we identified a problem with U10 girls I think but reason for crashing never resolved..bad email address?? Not sure if all bar faulty email delivered or anyone later in queue gets bumped out - think the latter judging by the responses from some members.


  • Peetersfamily

    Hello Nick, 

    Seen that our committy is new we have some issues getting messages to our members. 

    we have tried to send messages (email with PDF attachment) to all our members by making the choises in the program. 

    we can see the test email, but not when we send it to our members, or the email gets send but no attachment, program crashes. 

    what is the correct way in sending this newsletter to our current members. 





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