Updating and Viewing your Season Calendar Meet Dates

Once you have created some Meet Dates (see process Set up Season Calendar) you can edit them at any time.

For instance you may wish to add different points to a particular date, or you may simply want to print of a tabular view of an upcoming Meet date (ie. Events by age group)

Process Steps

  1. To access the Season Calendar, click Home then the Season Calendar or select Event - Calendar in ResultsHQ
  2. A list of your established Meet dates will appear as per below screen shot


View detail of Meet

View the detail of a Meet by pressing the View (eye) button on the row of the meet date

View/Print Meet 'Matrix'

You can view a tabular format of the events by age group as per below by pressing the Meet Matrix View button


To print out a view of the matrix, click on the table so that it is highlighted. The click the right button of your mouse and press Print. The below view will be displayed (if using Google Chrome). Print or PDF the table as required



!!Delete Meet Date!!

You are able to delete an entire meet date. Note: Use this with caution! It will indeed DELETE the meet date, and all events and associated RESULTS that have been entered. There is no turning back after you press this (and respond 'Yes' to the warning that will follow). 

Update Points Methods

You are able to allocate different combinations of points methods to each meet date. ResultsHQ will then apply each applied points method, based on the variables that you have entered for that points type.

Press the arrow that is to the right of the Meet Date and associated buttons. A row of points check-boxes will appear. Turn on or off any as you require and then press Quick Update


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