Change the family that a member belongs to

ResultsHQ uses rules to group members into families in order to make many important features possible (online family reporting etc). A unique email address is what ResultsHQ uses to identify different families. 

During the creation of members, there may be times where, due to various circumstances, members may not be attached to the family that they are intended to be. The most common example of this is when a member is imported with a different email address to their siblings/the family record. 

What will the significance when this happens?

  • When a Centre official is viewing the family record they will not see all of the children that are supposed to be in this family.
  • Families may log into ResultsHQ to view results, and they may not see all the children that they expect to see

How do you fix this?

We need to migrate the member that is in the wrong place/family, to the right family!

1. From within your ResultsHQ profile, press More in the top right corner


2. Press the Migrate Member button from under the Centre Setup heading


3. Within the Migrate Member form, you will need to determine which member you would like to merge, into which family. Narrow down the list of members using the Club, Age, and Gender filters and then press Refine Members


4. Select the Member from the Member list that you would like to Merge into a different family

5. Select the Family that would like to merge the member into from within the To Family list. Families are listed by their surname and then email address

6. Press Change Family at the bottom right of the form. 


The member has now been merged into the family


NOTE - if you are using the IMG Sync to import your members...please ensure that you have replicated the email change in IMG too, otherwise your migrate member in ResultsHQ will be over written when you next sync with IMG. 

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