1. From within your ResultsHQ profile, click on the Settings button in the top right, and then select the Numbering button towards the bottom of the Settings page



Numbering lets you view and edit all athlete numbers on one page as well as sort columns and filter the view. The numbers on the right in the open text boxes are available for you to edit. The numbers on the left are the current numbers assigned to the members. If you update a member number/s on the right, you will need scroll to the bottom of the page and press Submit button to commit the updates...otherwise they will not be saved.

You can use the Filters at the top (Club, Age, Gender) to shorten the list of members on the page in the case that you are trying to add numbers to a specific group of people. 



Advanced Options

If you would like to utilise automatic numbering, press the Show Advanced Options button and the below options will be displayed


IMG mapping

If you are a user of IMG Clubs Online, there is also uan option to select whether you would like the Competition Number or Member Number field brought into ResultsHQ from IMG Clubs Online. Make the selection and then press Submit. 



Note: If you need to re-import all the member numbers from scratch as you did not have these options selected when you undertook your first synchronisation, go to Settings - Season Roll Over and press Reset membership numbers. Then re run the IMG synchronisation process. 

Reset all member numbers

Use this option with caution as it will wipe over any numbering that you've already applied!

Generally for first time use only, you can apply a sweep of numbers starting from X (which you will enter into the field in the bottom  left of screen) and then press the orange Apply Numbering button. This will sweep numbers down the list of members incrementally, starting from the X number that you enetered. You must still press the green Save Numbers button for changes to be saved



Save Changes

To save any changes that you've applied press the Save Numbers button at the bottom right of the page





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