Duty Rosters

Duty Rosters allow you to integrate specific tasks at your Centre to your member families within ResultsHQ.

If you are using the ResultsHQ online registration solution, these duties can be a mandatory selection when athletes register for the season. If you do not use the online registration process, you will need to manually allocate these to families within your ResultsHQ profile. 


To access the Duty Roster setup click on either Setup - More or the More... top menu option to then select Duty Roster


The Duty Roster page provides a listing of all your Duty Templates and Meet Duties which can be updated at the meet level. The Centre profile has a single Default Roster that will be applied to all meets your create unless you specify otherwise.


Create New adds a Roster, and an existing Roster can be managed with the Update Button.




Duties can be added via Excel Import Template or directly using the Add Duties boxes - once built you will have a full listing of the families in your centre that can either be linked up manually or as part of the Registration Process.


A default duty roster can be updated when the Registration process is used, and all Meets will be linked up to that Roster as they are created. If you want to have no roster or a different roster linked to your Meet then you can select the option that meets your requirements when creating the meet from the Advanced Options.



A full Excel Export of your Duty Roster can be downloaded from the Setup Tab for further distribution to your members. In the Family page in Centreadmin you can see a listing of the assigned Roster and Duties for that family in detail. Clicking the Manage Duties button takes you to the Duty Roster page to update/adjust.




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