Results Entry via Mobile Web App

What is the ResultsHQ Mobile App?


ResultsHQ Mobile is a results entry method that is specific to mobile devices such smartphones and tablets. You can even get your volunteers to use their own mobile phones to enter results! The only prerequisite is that the device has a data connection, such as 3G/4G or an internet connection at your sports ground. 

Security Code: To ensure that you have control over who enters results into ResultsHQ mobile, your users are required to enter a security code when they enter results. A Centre official can then reset this after a competition day to secure the results entry portal. This security code is set by a Centre official via ResultsHQ and then communicated to result inputters. It is a randomly generated four digit code.

Meet Date ResultsHQ Mobile will also search for a Competition Date that is +/-2 days from the current day. Therefore you will need to ensure that you have your Competition Dates set up correctly. It will also only have the events available that you have set up in the Program on the Competition Date.

To produce a data entry code

1. From the ResultsHQ web portal, click on Settings at the top right of screen
2. Click on Centre Options which is located under the Centre Setup heading in the list of buttons
3. At the top of the Centre Options screen you will find a mobile application security access code, which has previously been set. To create a new passcode press Set Pin
4. Your security code has now been set and will be displayed at the top of the page
5. Communicate the security code to your mobile results entry volunteers, as they will need this to access ResultsHQ Mobile

To access ResultsHQ mobile web app

1. To access from any internet enabled device, go to

2. You will come to a screen which has a drop down list to choose your Centre from, and a field to enter the four digit security code that as been provided to you by a Centre Official.                                                                                                                                                                                                     


3. If your login is successful you will find yourself at the home page of the mobile app which will show Run, Throw and Jump options to choose from. Choose the option which aligns with the event you are trying to enter results or member names for.                                                                                                  


4. Choose your Age group and Gender, and then any available Events in the drop down list. Press Go once you've selected the correct event.

Note: You will only be able to find the Events that have been set up under the specific age groups/gender that you select - this will align with what has been created in the ResultsHQ season calendar for this particular meet date                                  




5. The results entry screen has a couple buttons at the top

  • Save Attempts - quick save without opening a review screen
  • Save Results - does a quick save but also flags any anomalies for you to review
  • Menu - go back to the Run, Jump, Throw screen



6. Enter results and you will see a PB star to the right if its a PB, and a trophy if its a Centre record. The best of the attempts is displayed in the Result column. If a No Jump or No Throw just key in a 0. The status option will also update from DNS to OK if valid number or No throw or No jump is 0 is recorded.


7. Press the Save attempts after each result to make sue its in the system. You will get a positive notification at the top of the screen like this after its saved. Just close the message when ready and keep recording.


8. When your finished with the event recording, press Save Results. This will open up a review screen of what has been keyed in and flag any anomalies (outside of +/- 25% of the athletes average). You can go back and edit or accept results.

9. When you accept results you will get a final results screen with name, place, PB etc of the athletes that were recorded. Either go back to the event to keep recording or edit it, otherwise move onto the next event.




Time Zone Settings when multiple devices being used

When you are entering results from a number of different devices it may be necessary to change the time settings on each device so that they are the same, otherwise you may strike some errors when using the mobile application. If you are having troubles logging in with some devices, or saving results this may be the reason.
Set the time zone to the correct Australian timezone settings and restart the devices.Once restarted, access the mobile application and determine if the process is working. If you are still having problems, contact [email protected] 

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