Allow Countback for field events

To turn on and use the countback feature in ResultsHQ follow these steps.


1. Go to Setup - Profile details



2. Scroll down to the bottom and turn on the Count back option



3. Go back to your results entry screen for a field event (High Jump is an easy one to get equal results), and key in your results. Here all athletes didn't make it past 0.95m. When I press the Save changes button I get a new option



4. The options now ask me how many attempts each user had at the tied height (0.95m)



5. So I put in how many attempts that was, two athletes had the same number being one at this 0.95m height...and it shows me another field for me to enter more information failures including at that height 



6. So I key in the total and then press accept results



7. Now when I return the completed results entry I can see the places reflect this extra information, even though the heights are the same. 


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