Manual Placing for HJ Countback

ResultsHQ will place people based on how well they have performed in their age group. If there are equal results recorded between athletes, an equal place will be awarded. You are able to manually over write this, which may be the case in an event like High Jump in which countback of attempts is taken into account.

Follow the below steps to manually change an athletes place

1. In the below example, John Highground and Billy Bob have the same result of 1.05m for High Jump. They have automatically received an equal first place in their age group for this. 


2. If you would like to change the placing manually for any athlete, firstly you need to access the results detail for that member. To do this, click on the first name of the specific member. Note: A suggestion is to right click on the firstname with your mouse, and select 'Open link in new tab' as per below screen shot. 


3. The results/events for John will appear in the new browser tab. You will see all events that John has a result available for on that date. Press Update against High Jump to edit the detail for that event


4. A form will display in which you can update the result, place, PB status, or CR status of the member for that event. In this example, we're going to change the place of John to position 2. Once you've made your changes, press Save



5. Make your way back to the browser tab that has the High Jump event results for the whole age group. Press the refresh button. You will notice that John's place has updated to 2nd. 



Please Note: At this stage, as soon as you press 'Edit All' and then 'Save' the automatic placing will again take over and overwrite the manual placings that you have made. So you will need to take this into consideration.

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