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Personal Best Count vs Personal Best Points
There is a difference between a Personal Best (PB) count, and PB points. A PB count is the number of PBs that an athlete has achieved. This is generally represented by a star within ResultsHQ. PB points are a variable number of points that can be awarded for each PB or equal PB 
Personal Best (PB) points will be applied against results that are flagged as PBs in your results entry. 
Each of these items is discussed in more detail below.

Settings for PB Recognition
The first thing that you must take into account with PBs is:
  • Does your Centre award a PB for the first result achieved in an event for the season?
  • Does the first result achieved become the Season Best, and the milestone that needs to be beaten to achieve a PB?
Some Centres choose to recognise the first result for an event of the season as a PB and others do not. You need to ensure that the correct treatment is set in ResultsHQ, by following the below:

1. From within your Results profile, click on the Settings button in the top right of screen
2. Click on the PB button which is under the Points heading
3. Within the PB screen, you will find a setting entitled Exclude athlete first result PB?  Simply select Yes or No against the question and then press Submit
Note: Similar to other areas within ResultsHQ, ensure that you press Submit for the changes to take effect
For more details, click here for a detailed help topic
Note: If you have changed this setting AFTER you have already entered results, you should run a Recalculation of PBs on each date from within the results entry event list for those date
Note: If you have excluded the first result as a PB, so that the first results becomes a Season Best only, then on a future attempt the athlete equals this Season Best, this will not be awarded equal PB points (if you have them set up).

PB Points

From within the PB screen (accessed by above instructions) you can also set up PB points. 
There is the option to award points for 
a) Bettering a PB, and
b) Equaling a PB. Note: While points will be awarded in this case, the PB will not be awarded a star, and will not form part of the PB count!

1. From within the PB screen, simply enter a value in the blank fields next to Equal PB and Better PB to represent how many points you would like to apply in each case. 

2. Press Save Changes

The points that have been set up will be displayed at the bottom of the form. Note: If there are more than one PB points combinations set up, press Delete against the combination that you no longer want.
To Update PB points to a different points value
1. Simply press Update next to the values in the table at the bottom of the screen
2. The Equal PB and Better PB points will be displayed in the fields at the top of the screen, update them as required
3. Press Save Changes for the new values to take effect. 


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