Running points calculations


1. In the Events menu select Calculate:

2. To Calculate a specific meet date: 

- From the list select the particular date that you would like to calculate points for and select the type of points you want to run

- The results for that date will load (it may take a moment)

- Press Calc All for the first time or if you have made some changes and need to recalculate all points, or click Int Calc to calculate any additional results uploaded since the last time you calculated points for the meet date*

- Once the calculation has completed (it may take several minutes) the screen will refresh. The View or Export button at the end of the line will allow you to see the points, or the Leaderboard button will take you to another page where you can view the points by Age/Gender/Event and print-export.

*Note: For points to be calculated against a Meet Date, you must have selected points methods against the Meet date, and you must have set up that particular Points Scoring Method - click here for more detail 


3. To export points  or results and points data from this screen

You have the option to:

  • Export Points for the particular date selected,
  • Export Points (Full Season) for an export of the full season of points
  • Export Points/Results (full season) for the most granular level of export which will display points against each result for each member and date

Note: You'll have the option via the drop down arrow to select CSV or Excel (formatted) for your export


4. Calculating full season PB and Points

  • Press the Recalculate Season... 


  • The PB recalc and the Points recalc will ask you to put in an email as it can take up to 30 min if your a big centre. The email will come to you when it has finished the calclations.

Note the Season Best recalc is very quick and only takes a few seconds, hence there is no email required for this.


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