CR Compare

This method is used to give you points based on your Centre Records as the benchmark results to compare members results against.

The best part is that this is so quick and easy to set up...

1. Put a maximum points value in the CResults field e.g. 100 below...this means that if an athlete matches the centre record they get 100 points. as you move away from the centre records the points values decrease in a linear form.

Example 1 (field events)  - 10metre for U6 Discus is the centre record. If you throw 10 metres then you would get 100 points, if you throw 5 metres then you would get 50 points etc until you got to one point. 

Example 2 (track events) - 100m race u15 boys is 10 seconds, if you run 10 seconds you get 100 points, if you run 15 seconds you get 50 points if you run 20 seconds you get 1 point if you run 30 seconds you get one point.



The Date Cap allows you to set the date from which the centre records are to be help static to. e.g. at the start of the season you choose a date of before the first event day, and the centre records remain a static value to be measured against for the whole season.  If you leave the date open, then you are letting the most current centre record be the benchmark to measure results against...its a live benchmark that moves as new centre records are created through out the season.

Make sure you press save changes once you have set up the points and date to suit your centre.



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