Results Tickets

From the Report Builder you are able to produce Results Tickets. The below instructions explain how to print the tickets. To learn how to refine data in your Report Builder click here for the specific help topic before proceeding. 

Producing Results Tickets

This report prints results tickets 3 x 3 to an A4 page. This can be used to print onto Little Athletics Australia results ticket templates.

Note: For best results use Google Chrome as your web browser to produce the tickets

  1. From your ResultsHQ profile, click on Settings in the top right hand corner
  2. Click on Report Builder under Weekly Tasks
  3. On the screen you will find a number of filter to choose the age group, individual athlete, event date, event, that you are looking to print off. Select the appropriate filters - for more data on how to manage this click here for the specific help topic before proceeding. 
  4. Click on View Tickets
  5. A new page will load with the tickets in view - it may take some time if you have selected a large number of results.
  6. To print from this page, right click on the tickets and select Print, otherwise press Crtl+P on your key board
  7. When the print preview has displayed, make sure that the heading and footers are turned off. Do this via the Settings in your web browser. 
  8. Select the Custom margins and drag the left margin all the way to the left and then the right and bottom to do the same
  9. The top margin will need to come down slightly, but depending on your printer, you will need to print one page off to check it, then adjust as necessary, before doing your full member print off
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