Report Builder

By using the Report Builder you can build exports of results and other items using filters for clubs, dates, events, and even specific athletes.

Tip: User Profiles You can set up a specific ResultsHQ User Profile that only access this screen, therefore they can produce specific reports for themselves. An example would be a coach, or a club official who may want to do some further analysis on results. For more information on how to setup specific User Profiles click here for the specific forum topic

The Report Builder

1. From within your ResultsHQ profile select the Reports button at the top menu

2. From the dropdown menu select the Report Builder button

3. Choose the categories of Members that would like to report on from the three filters at the top of the page

By using the various filters you can select very specific information that you would like to export, fields are described below (and refer to to screen shot)

Note; Remember to use the Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple items in lists/filters

  • Club you may wish to select all clubs, or only specific clubs to export data for
  • Age select the age groups that would like to report on
  • Gender Choose the Gender you would like to report on
4. Now that you select the categories of members, press Refine Members. This will provide a shortlist of Members who meet the selected critera, in the Athlete List. Either choose All or select specific athletes from the list that you would like to report on
5. Now select the date (s) that you would like to report on
6. Now you can select specific Events based on what is available or select all to report on all events
 ReportBuilder.pngNote: The above button 'Export to CSV' has now been replaced with a drop down list from which you can choose from: Excel or CSV. The Excel export will have full formatting applied to results such as two decimal places in times with minutes
7. Report Types: From the checkboxes under the Report Types heading, choose what type of data you would like to report on. An explanation of each type is included below
  • Results: Based on the filters selected, this will display the actual results achieved by the athletes
  • Points: This will display the points that the relevant athletes have received for each event and date
  • Attendance: This will display that attendance count for each member
  • PBs: This will display a count or list of PBs against each member
  • CRs: This will display the Centre Records achieved and by which members
  • Season Best: This will display the Season Best result for each member and event, similar to what is displayed on Results Recording Sheets
  • Member Average: This will display an average per member per event based on the the results they have achieved per date
8. Best Number of Results:: You may wish to only choose the best X number of results (eg. top 3), so select this from the Best # of Results drop down
You have now updated all of the filters for your report to be produced. There are many different ways you may wish to view your data, explained below

Viewing your Report

Based on what type of report you are trying to produce, you can choose from the below options. Press the relevant button to display the selected data in that fashion. For best outcomes we suggest using Google Chrome as your web browser
  • On Screen: Press the Submit button to view the information at the bottom of the browser screen
  • Print/PDF: Press the Print Report button to produce a printable format in a new web browser - once it is displayed, right click on the page and select print and either produce to a printer or to PDF
  • Export: Press Export to CSV to view your data in Excel where it can be further manipulated and analysed. A file will be produced/ downloaded by your web browser. Choose to save it somewhere safe and then open it in Excel. Please note: In order to export the data to CSV, you will need to select one Report Type at a time. There is no need to reset the filters each time, just deselect one Report Type and reselect another before pressing Export to CSV again
  • Results Tickets: Press the Results Tickets button to produce results in a ticket format - see help topic Results Tickets for further details

Save a Report Template for next time

You are able to save a template of the filters that you have selected for use next time. To do this:

1. Select the filters for you report, and select the Report Types required.

2. Type a name that you would like to save the report template under in the blank field next to the Save Report Options button

3. Press the Save Report Options Button. The report will be saved, you can now find the template name in the drop down list under Load Options

To use a saved report template

4. Select the template name from under the Load Options drop down list

5. Press Run Saved Report, and your report will be displayed

To delete a saved report template

6. Select the template name from under the Load Options drop down list

7. Press the red trash can icon and the report template will be removed

Example of report display on screen

Below is example of viewing selecting Report Types: Points, PBs, CRs, Attendance


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