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New Features

The new look and feel to the family portal is not the only change that has happened as part of the update. There have been a number of changes in the background that are designed to make the user experience better.

A quick video tour:


Single Member

If you have participated in a number of events outside your home centre you would have noticed multiple copies of yourself. Now you will see only one with consolidated results across common events.

Member Profile

All of your contact details are now part of your editable Profile, so if your details change you can update directly rather than contacting your Club/Centre or waiting until registration time.  This includes changing your family login password at


View and Print your tickets by Event, Meet and Season. This gives two new ways to print your tickets. Look for the  icon as you move around the pages.


View and Print your certificates by Meet and Season. Look for the  icon as you move around the pages. This indicates that the Centre has made a Certificate(s) available for you to view via your Family portal.

Logging into ResultsHQ

Families can view their children’s results at

They will require their username and password, 

For a demonstration of what the login looks like, login with these credentials;


password: demo

Password Recovery

If you do not know your password, then press the ‘Forgotten your Password’ button on the login page. You will receive the password via their registered email address. If a valid email address has not been included in the account, then contact your Centre Registrar.


Weekly Results Viewing

Athletes can view their results and results tickets within the ResultsHQ reporting portal once they are logged in. Simply click onto the Members name, date or event tile to get more details.



Event View

Clicking on an event tile takes you to the Event View showing results history with charting to see how you have improved over time. 

Each of the Profiles that the results are from is displayed and a navigation list of your Season Bests (SB) on the right lets you change the event.


If your club/centre have used Locations in their event list, you will see the location next to the event name in brackets eg 70m (CBN). These events may have different conditions that make them not directly related to other such locations and all PB's and CR's will be treated separately.


View all meets in the season using the Calendar option, click through to the relevant meet to see more details.

Results Tickets

Event Tickets

To produce event tickets click an event tile and then click the Ticket Icon  to the right of the event name.


Meet Tickets

To produce meet tickets click on a meet from the Calendar page to locate the Ticket Icon  to the right of the meet date.


Season Tickets

To produce season tickets click on the Ticket Icon  from the Calendar page to the right of the member name.

View All Access for Family Reporting

By default, the family portal will only display the results of the Members within that Family. However the option is available to display all of the results of the Centre, this is a setting that is controlled by your centre administrator.

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