Fee structures for online payment

Setting up your Fee Structure

The fee structure needs to be set up if you wish for either/or

a)      Registering families to receive an invoice for an amount owing to your Club/Centre

b)      The above group to be able to pay online

If you wish for families to be able to register their information online but do not want them to receive any fee information as part of this process, this is possible by setting up a ‘zero’ fee structure. You can then advise the families of the cost of the membership once they visit your Club/Centre

To set up your fee structures (including zero fee structures)

  1. From within your ResultsHQ Centre profile, click on the Registration drop down list
  2. Select the Setup menu item

If this is the first time you’ve come into this area, it will be relatively blank. Below is a description of the different headings / fields that need to be populated

Age group fees:

Here you need to establish a list of age groups per club, and indicated the appropriate registration fee for that age group.

  1. Select the Athlete tab from the top of the screen
  2. Simply select the Club and age group, and enter the financial value of the registration fee 
  3. Does Age Group count towards discount? You will also need to indicate against each age group and club combination whether or not a discount structure will apply to this age group. A 'Yes' will mean that the particular age group will count towards a family discount if one is set up
  4. Press Submit for the change to take place
  5. The new age group and club combination will be displayed in the table
  6. Repeat the steps for each age group. 


Club discount for number of members

If your Club/Centre provides a discount if a certain number of members is registered, you can establish this discount structure here. This can be club specific. This represents the total discount that applies for that family for that number of children.

Note: The age groups that are to be included in the 'count' of members need to be indicated as 'Yes' to discounts in the previous step/ Age group setups. 

1. Simply enter the Club name, the number of members and the associated discount that applies for this number of members, in the fields provided

2. Press Submit

3. The new discount structure will appear in the table

4. Repeat the process for each combination

Family overlay fees

You can apply registration fees that apply only once to the family, and are not variable based on the number of members who form part of that registration transaction. An example might be a general administration charge, or a lighting charge.

1. Enter the name of the charge that you would like to apply, and enter a financial value for the charge

2. Press the Submit button

3. Your family charge will be displayed in the table

4. Repeat the process for any other charges

Maximum Family Charge

You must set a maximum amount that a family will pay to register. If you do not have a maximum amount/threshold then put a significant number in here such as 10,000 to avoid the maximum cap being activated.

This threshold will mean the maximum value for the membership fee component of a transaction will not surpass this value. Products purchased will be outside of this threshold. 


Paypal / Online Payment Variable Fees

If you have decided to use online registrations, you have the choice to accept online payments.

If you have opted for online payments, the Paypal product is used to manage the transaction either using the registering families paypal account, or using a Visa/Mastercard.

Please also read this help topic on how to properly set up your Paypal integration, and ensure you perform a test registration (you can refund this once complete). Click here for the help topic

There are fees associated with using Paypal; these can either be passed onto the registering family as part of their transaction, or they can be absorbed by the Centre. At the time of writing, Paypal charges 2.4% fee if the total transaction, as well as a fixed 30 cent fee (see below heading)

If you wish to pass onto the registering family then you must enter the appropriate values into the PayPal section of the Fee Structure form.

Click here for steps on integrating your business PayPal account with ResultsHQ, in order to get fees directly paid into your account. 

1. Enter a variable fee that you would like to pass onto the registering familiy; this will be a percentage of the total transaction value, to align with the way PayPal will charge their fee

2. Press the Submit button

PayPal / Online Payment Fixed Fees

You are also able to apply a fixed fee per transaction. This is to align with PayPal also applying a 30 cent fixed fee / flagfall to each transaction. 

1. If you wish to pass this onto the customer, enter 0.3 into the field

2. Press the Submit button


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