What do members see through the online registration process?

To access the online registration area, members must access: or

by visiting and click on Not a Member?


1. The general search page will let the user search for their local centre/club



2. Choose the centre/club that you wish to join by clicking on the select button



3. Click on Register if you want to proceed with the registrations. Note a Centre can provide a direct link to this Registration Home screen screen to save users going through the search function



4.  You have options here

 - Retrieve Details if you are a returning family (you already have a ResultsHQ login profile)

 - Forgot Password - to retrieve your forgotten username and or password

 - I don't have an account - if you are a new family and need to start a fresh



5. Enter Family Details into the relevant fields. This includes creating a unique username and setting up a password.


6. Once the fields are completed press the green Next




7. Athlete information is now required. Press the Add New




8.  Fill in the required information. Note you can upload a proof of age document. This will then delete once the centre approves this as a valid age group. Once it is complete press the green complete button.



 9. You can either add more athletes to the family or just progress to the next screen



10. The next few screen will vary depending on if the following options are turned on at the centre

- Duty Roster- select a duty before progressing in the registration

- Extra - t'shirts hats etc

- Questions - the centre may have terms as well as the state body



11. The summary screen lets you look at all the fields you have filed out and go and edit them if you want too. Otherwise click next to complete the registration



12. The payment options are to use the Cash/EFT, Credit/debit card or PayPal. If you have a discount code you can apply it to this screen and see what the new value is.



13. Once you select your option, fill in the required information and press submit, you will be taken to the Confirmation screen, you will also receive a confirmation email shortly after too.

Then you are registered and will need to visit your centre to get your welcome bag with your number patch etc

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