RaceHQ instructions including Wireless Timing Gate setup

Video of Hardware set up  - click here 

Video overview: Click here for a video of the RaceHQ software, which gives you a feel for the software and process

Start Line Member Input Process: Click here for a video of the start line member entry process and live saving to ResultsHQ

1.   Place the weighted bases on the  track

  • The bases should align with the finish line and the lane markings so that they are centered
  • Ensure that the arrow is facing towards the sun (See section 6. Ensure RaceHQ is expecting your Timing Gates in the correct direction for more information on sunlight)



2.       Set up the Wireless Timing Gates

  • Remove a wireless timing gate from the trolley and insert it into a weighted base
  • Twist while applying minimal downward pressure and the gate will click into place via a notch in the weighted base
  • The notch will ensure that the timing gate faces the correct way in relation to the sun, and the same direction as other timing gates 

3. Connect the Timing Hub to you laptop computer

  • Using a USB Mini cable, connect the Timing Hub to a USB port on your laptop 
  • Place or secure the Timing Hub in a stable location
  • Note: The Wireless Timing Hub is only required if you have either a) Wireless Timing Gates or b) Wireless Starting Devices. It is not required if you are timing circular events without wireless starts / finishes 

Open RaceHQ

4.  Open the RaceHQ software from your desktop

  • The RaceHQ software which was provided by Timing Solutions can be placed on your desktop. It will have a name in the format of ‘RaceHQ – v XXXX’. An icon such as the below will be found
  • Open the software by double clicking on it

5. Initialisation Screen

  • An Initialisation screen will be displayed after you open the RaceHQ software. It will perform various tasks such as:
    • Loading Member Lists (if they are available)
    • Search for Wireless Timing Dongle (if one is available)
  • At this point the Timing Hub, if connected, will be found by the software. If not, then the screen to the right will be displayed. If you think that you have connected the Timing Hub, the following could be a reason:
    • The Wireless Timing Hub is not plugged in
    • The Wireless Timing Hub is damaged
    • The USB port that the Wireless Timing Hub plugs into is not operating properly
    • Check that your device is connected properly, and then press ‘Rescan’ to try again
  • If you are operating the system without the Wireless Timing Hub (such as for circular events without a wireless start) then press ‘Show Non-Gated Race, and proceed to the instructions for Non Gated Races

Connect Wireless Timing Gates

6. Gated Setup Screen. Ensure RaceHQ is expecting your Timing Gates in the correct direction

  • Setup Screen: Once you have moved past the Initialisation Screen, you will be in the Setup Screen of RaceHQ
  • Direction of Timing Gates versus Direct Sunlight: The gates are sensitive to direct sunlight (ie. sunlight shining into the large apertures on the wireless timing gates at a direct angle). So make sure the base arrow is pointing towards the sunniest side of the track…e.g. sun rises on the outside of the track so base arrows point from lane one to lane 8 as per picture on the screen
  • Base Arrow: Ensure that the ‘Base Arrow’ is facing the correct way on the software screen. This should show the same direction as that on the weighted base. If you need to change the direction of the gates on the settings screen, press the blue arrow on the right (you can also press use the ‘Reverse Order’ checkbox in the General tab of the Settings menu.
  • User Assistance: On all screens within RaceHQ you have the ability to have user assistance appear when you hover your mouse over a particular feature. Simply click the ‘User Assistance’ checkbox in the bottom left of screen. 

7. Turn on the first Wireless Timing Gate

  • Timing Gates are to be turned on in order from inside of your track.
  • Press the red button on the side of the gate which is on the inside of your track (marked as ‘End’ on the software screen) 
  • You should first hear first a single beep emitted from the gate, and then once pairing is successful the gate will make a second beep. At the same time, on the screen the appropriate gate icon will be highlighted in green, red or amber where it was originally grey

8.  Continue connecting the other Wireless Timing Gates moving out from the inside of the track

  • Continue on to the next timing gate, and repeat the process. Once you have two timing gates connected, you will see the four dots on the screen light up – these represent the four infrared beams on the timing gates and indicate whether they are aligned and working well (green) or out of alignment / dirty (red)
  • If one or more dots are red, do not continue.
  • Check alignment of wireless timing gates or the sensors for mud etc.
  • Make sure you have the base arrows on the track pointing in the same direction as the base arrow on the screen
  • Check status of battery and wireless signal of each gate by hovering over the lane number on the screen; the status box will will appear
  • Reset: If at any time you become confused during the setup process, as to which gates are connected, you should press ‘Reset’ and begin the process from the beginning. 


Wireless Start Device Connection and Overview

9. Connect your Wireless Start device/s

RaceHQ comes with the ability to connect two wireless start devices to the finish line timer. Note: You are able to start the timer manually also, using the Ctrl key or pressing the ‘Start’ button with your mouse. However, using the wireless timer provides the most accurate time.

You will need to pair your wireless start device to the finish line computer during the initial setup. If setting up for the first time before your competition, press the ‘Reset’ button under the ‘Start Device’ heading. This clears the memory of which devices were last connected and it what order. 


  • To connect the devices(s); while in the Setup Screen, press the On/Off or Trigger button on your device so that the green lights on the device light up.
  • One of the grey buttons under the ‘Start Device’ heading should illuminate.
    • Green indicates a healthy status.
    • Amber indicates that the device should be checked – however your mouse over the button and the status details are displayed such as battery level and reception strength.
    • Red indicates a connection has been lost
  • Gated or Non Gated: There are two connections available, Gated (used with Timing Gates) and Non-Gated (used for circular events). Drag the illuminated button that represents your start device to the correct position depending on what you intend to use it for
  • Two Lights/LEDs: One light is for the ‘Current Race’, and the second is for the ‘Next Race’ or secondary race (the timer can time two races simultaneously). When a light is SOLID green, this indicates that the timer is ready to be triggered, and the starting marshal can begin the race
  • Starting method: The device sends a wireless signal to the finish line Timng Hub
  • Starting trigger: The starting signal is triggered by either
    • Option one: A cap explosion, which results in the speaker on the start device sending a start signal. This means that you can connect the wireless start device to your existing cap guns
    • Option two: Pushing the ‘Start’ button on the device. This will send a start signal, as well as send a digital gun sound to the microphone output on the device. If this is connected to a speaker / amplifier, then a gun sound will be emitted. 
  • Starting Marshall info: Once the finish line computer operator has moved to the Race screen, the Starting Marshall will notice that the wireless start device will show a solid Green light for that particular race.
    • Current Race: If there is only one race being run, the top ‘Current Race’ light will be solid Green. Once the Starting Marshall triggers the start signal, the top Current Race light will begin flashing Green. If this does not occur, the starting signal has not been received by the finish line timer and the Starting Marshal should call the race back and investigate.
    • Next Race: If there is already a race being run, the top ‘Current Race’ will be flashing green – this indicates that the first timer is being used. The second green light indicating the ‘Next Race’ will be solid Green and is ready to be triggered. Trigger the start device, and the bottom race light will also begin flashing green. Note: This Next Race timer will only be available if this setting has been ticked in the settings menu

10.  Starting Device Tips

  • As the Finish Line computer operation pressed Rerun or Delete on the finish line software, this resets the indicator lights on Wireless Start device so the starter knows that you are ready for them to start the next race at any time.
  • If the starting device is set to have its microphone turned on to receive start trigger from cap gun, then it may be accidentally triggered by being bumped against a solid surface (eg. when the starter places the pistol on a hard surface, or sometimes when the starter recaps the gun). If this occurs, the timer will be started. The finish line computer operator needs to recognise this, and Restart the race timer. The Starting Marshall should not begin the race until the race light has been returned to solid green – this is their crucial communication medium

11.  Settings for Start Devices

You can find settings relating to the start device sensitivity in the General tab of the Settings menu at the top right of RaceHQ screens

  • To adjust the sound sensitivity on the start device, use the drop down menu and adjust to either Low, Medium, High or even Microphone Off which is best used when you are using the push button start /  digital speaker rather than a cap gun

Running Gated Events with RaceHQ

12.  Proceed to Race Screen

  • Once you are finished with the setup steps and connecting wireless start devices, press the Continue button and you will move on to the Race screen

13.  Steps to Running a Gated Race

  • Select an Event from the ‘Select Event’ drop down list (Note: This list can be shortened via Settings button)
  • To Start a Race:
    • Option 1: Press the Ctrl key on your key board
    • Option 2: Click the Start button on the screen with you mouse
    • Option 3: If you have a wireless Start Device connect, the starter can start the timer
  • Once athletes have crossed the line you will see a time and a place appear for each active lane
  • Add Member Details: You have the option to enter in the athletes details
    • Option 1: If you don’t have any members / athletes registered in the system, you may wish to simply type in the athlete’s name.
    • Option 2: If you do have members registered via ResultsHQ, type in or scan in the athlete ID numbers for each of the lanes with times in them. The name will be shown on the screen.
    • Option 3: If you know the athlete name but not their ID number, then start typing their name and it will display the known name that best matches your spelling. Note: Similar to option two, you must have your registered members loaded from ResultsHQ
  • Save Results: Save the race results by pressing ‘Save’. Pressing Save will save the results to a .thq file which is saved in your MyDocuments/ResultsHQ directory in a date stamped folder. It will also print off a receipt ticket if you have this setting turned on.
  • If you do NOT wish to save the race results, press Delete - this will remove all of the events details permanently

14.  Other Options / Features in Gated Race Screen

  • Removing Inner Lanes: If you need to remove lane one and two for circular distance events, un-tick the box to the left of these lanes. AFTER you have deactivated the gates in this way, you can then physically remove the gate between lane one and two (and the inner gate if required). Do NOT turn off the gates and just remove them without deactivating on the screen first.
  • False Start: If  a false start occurs, press the Rerun button and then select Yes, to reset the clock.
  • Results Editing: Options from here include
    • Drag and drop a time into another lane or to the Bin to delete it
    • Right click on a lane and add a time
  • Asterix: If you have an asterix (*) next to a time in a line this means you have more than one time for that lane, or a single beam time has been recorded.
    • Multiple Times: Click on the time and you will find that there are mulitple times. This means more than one person finished in a lane. You can ignore the additional times or drag them into other lanes or to the first time place for the same lane. Simply click and hold the mouse icon on the time that you wish to drag, and then drag it and drop it onto the position that you would like it to be saved
    • Single Beam: RaceHQ will let you know if a time has been triggered by only a single beam being triggered, this will be the bottom beam. This may occur when shorter children run through the gates
  • Ignore: Press “Ignore” to prevent any times being recorded. This may be required when running relays
  • Multiple Timers: Smaller clock is “Next Race”, bigger clock is “Current Race”
  • Extras column: Extras column displays PBs and CRs
  • Results ordering: Click on “Lane” to sort by Lane or Place order
  • Setup: Take you back to the set up screen
  • Test Alignment: Test all gates alignment at once
  • Saved Events: Click here to display and edit saved events

Saved Events / Editing Results

15.  Edit Saved Events within RaceHQ

You’re able to edit saved race results during competition, or at the end of your competition. Simply press ‘Saved Events’ which is at the bottom right of the RaceHQ race screen
  • Race Details – Number, Distance, Auto Age and Gender, comments and time
  • Drop down list shows all the races in order from newest to oldest. Green tick means all lanes have a known name. Orange tick means its missing one or more names for a lane
  • Extras column displays PBs and CRs. Icons:
    • Star =  PB
    • Blue cloud = Saved to ResultsHQ
    • Trophy = Centre Record. Cancel the Centre Record by clicking on it
  • Search other dates
  • File name and location for local save
  • Edit Event type and insert and comments
  • Edit time by clicking on the time you want to adjust
  • Scan or key in the member ID… or type in their name
  • Quick navigate up or down through the saved events




16. Settings menu; General

  • User Assistance: When this is checked, instruction bubbles will appear when you however your mouse over specific features
  • Gate direction: If your base arrows are pointing towards inside of track this is the “reverse” direction so make sure this check box is checked. Note: You can also change this setting by clicking on the blue arrow in the setup screen
  • Allow Next Race: If you would like to run two gated or non-gated races at the same time turn this on
  • This time period means no times will be recorded in the first X seconds of every race
  • Adjust the start device sensitivity to suit your requirements
  • Choose a start sound or turn it off for the computer when a race has started

17. Settings menu; Printing

  • Print Race Summary ticket: This is for officials or age managers as it has everyone's results on one summary ticket. Tick the box and ticket will print when you press ‘Save’
  • Print Lane Summary ticket: This is for individual members to take with them, as it only has their lane details on the ticket
  • Printer Name: Choose a known printer from those that are installed. Minimum width is 58mm paper. Recommended 80mm thermal printer
  • Select the number of officials summary tickets to print

18.  Settings menu; Web

  • Automatic sync on startup: This means every time you turn on RaceHQ and internet access is available it will automatically update its local copy of your members, PBs and Centre Records.
  • ResultsHQ username and password: Select your centre from the list available, and enter your ResultsHQ password. This is required if you are downloading member list, PBs, CRs to RaceHQ
  • Refresh: Manually update RaceHQ with your ResultsHQ Members, PBs and CRs
  • Stats: This indicates the number of Members, PBs and CRs in RaceHQ based on your centres ResultsHQ profile

19.  Settings menu; Event List

  • Select Events: Manually Select events from the available event types, for both gated and non-gated. Whichever events are ticked, they will appear in your event list drop down on the race screen
  • Slide the viewer up and down to see the full list
  • Clear All: Clear all selected events on either Gated or Non Gated menus
  • Default: Press default if you would like to return the standard selections to your drop down menus

20. Settings menu; Member List & Centre Records

  • View all your RaceHQ known Members and Centre Records.
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