Do you have an Asterix next to your lane time? Multiple times and Single Beam times

An asterix next to a time means one of two things (and a description of each):

1. Someone broke only the bottom beam
- The athlete in that lane did not break the two beams which are normally compulsory to cause a time to be recorded
- This is a design which create a 'single beam time' only if the bottom beam is broken on its own.
- It is designed this way in case you have some quite small kids (eg. some little ones in U6) who might even make matters worse by ducking their heads over the finish line....


What to do in this situation?
- Ensure that you're happy that it could well have been a little athlete that causes the single lane time, before you accept the time in that lane
- If you are not happy with that single beam time, for instance it could have been a butterfly (has happened!), then there is most likely a second lane time
- Click on the time for that lane, select the second time which may be available, and drag it into the first row for that lane


2. If multiple times were recorded in a lane
- The asterix will appear if more than one result is recorded against a lane
- This could happen when either 'non athletes' run through the gates, such as parents, or more often the case will be that multiple athletes run through the lane - such as when someone runs out of their own lane and into their neighbours.


What to do in this situation?
- You'll need to be vigilant of these things occurring, and then action the software appropriately at the end of the race
- If an athlete has run into their neighbours lane, most likely you will notice on screen that the lane that they came from does NOT have a time.
- Click on the time for the affected lane (s), there will be multiple times available in a drop down list. Select the appropriate race time that you would like to move and drag it to another lane





Delete times from a lane/s... as you click on a time the rubbish bin appears...drag and drop the time you want to get rid of into the bin.




Please Note
These changes must be made at the end of the race, as only one result per lane will be saved!


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