Part 3 Opening Software

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 Connect the Timing Hub to you laptop computer

  • Using a USB Mini cable, connect the Timing Hub to a USB port on your laptop 
  • Place or secure the Timing Hub in a stable location. The antenna on the device should have a good line of sight to the other wireless parts such as timing gates and/or wireless starting devices
  • Note: The Wireless Timing Hub is only required if you have either a) Wireless Timing Gates or b) Wireless Starting Devices. It is not required if you are timing circular events without wireless starts / finishes 


Open the RaceHQ software from your desktop

  • The RaceHQ software which was provided by Timing Solutions can be placed on your desktop. It will have a name in the format of RaceHQ – v XX. An icon such as the below will be found
  • Open the software by double clicking on it


Initialisation Screen

  • An Initialisation screen will be displayed after you open the RaceHQ software. It will perform various tasks such as:
    • Loading Member Lists (if they are available)
    • Search for Wireless Timing Dongle (if one is available)
  • At this point the Timing Hub, if connected, will be found by the software.
  • If not, then the screen below will be displayed. If you think that you have connected the Timing Hub, the following could be a reason:
    • The Wireless Timing Hub is not plugged in
    • The Wireless Timing Hub is damaged
    • The USB port that the Wireless Timing Hub plugs into is not operating properly
    • Check that your device is connected properly, and then press ‘Rescan’ to try again
  • If you are operating the system without the Wireless Timing Hub (such as for circular events without a wireless start) then press ‘Show Non-Gated Race, and proceed to the instructions for Non Gated Races. Click here for the specific help forum.
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