Part 4 Connecting Gates




Gated Setup Screen. Ensure RaceHQ is expecting your Timing Gates in the correct direction

  • Setup Screen: Once you have moved past the Initialisation Screen, you will be in the Setup Screen of RaceHQ
  • Direction of Timing Gates versus Direct Sunlight: The gates are sensitive to direct sunlight (ie. sunlight shining into the large apertures on the wireless timing gates at a direct angle). So make sure the base arrow is pointing towards the sunniest side of the track…e.g. sun rises on the outside of the track so base arrows point from lane one to lane 8 as per picture on the screen
  • Base Arrow: Ensure that the ‘Base Arrow’ is facing the correct way on the software screen. This should show the same direction as that on the weighted base. If you need to change the direction of the gates on the settings screen, press the blue arrow on the right (you can also press use the ‘Reverse Order’ checkbox in the General tab of the Settings menu.
  • User Assistance: On all screens within RaceHQ you have the ability to have user assistance appear when you hover your mouse over a particular feature. Simply click the ‘User Assistance’ checkbox in the bottom left of screen. 

Turn on the first Wireless Timing Gate

  • Timing Gates are to be turned on in order from inside of your track.
  • Press the red button on the side of the gate which is on the inside of your track (marked as ‘End’ on the software screen) 
  • You should first hear first a single beep emitted from the gate, and then once pairing is successful the gate will make a second beep. At the same time, on the screen the appropriate gate icon will be highlighted in green, red or amber where it was originally grey. DO NOT proceed to the next pole until you have ensured that the one you have just turned on is received at paired with the computer. 

Continue connecting the other Wireless Timing Gates moving out from the inside of the track

  • Continue on to the next timing gate, and repeat the process. Once you have two timing gates connected, you will see the four dots on the screen light up – these represent the four infrared beams on the timing gates and indicate whether they are aligned and working well (green) or out of alignment / dirty (red). DO NOT proceed to the next pole until you have ensured that the one you have just turned on is received at paired with the computer. 
  • If one or more dots are red, do not continue.
  • Check alignment of wireless timing gates or the sensors for mud etc.
  • Make sure you have the base arrows on the track pointing in the same direction as the base arrow on the screen
  • Check status of battery and wireless signal of each gate by hovering over the lane number on the screen; the status box will will appear. If battery is low, you should change it before proceeding. Pull the batteries out (you do not need to turn the gate off), replace the batteries, and turn the device on again. Ensure that it has been paired with the computer
  • Reset: If at any time you become confused during the setup process, as to which gates are connected and in which order, you should press ‘Reset’ and begin the process from the beginning. 



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