Part 5 Wireless Start Device


 Connect your Wireless Start device/s

TrackHQ comes with the ability to connect two wireless start devices to the finish line timer. Note: You are able to start the timer manually also, using the Ctrl key or pressing the Start button with your mouse. However, using the wireless timer provides the most accurate time.

  • You will need to pair your wireless start device to the finish line computer while in the intital setup screen. To connect the devices(s); while in the Setup screen, press the On/Off/Trigger button on your device so that the green lights on the device light up.
  • One of the grey buttons under the ‘Start Device’ heading should illuminate.
    • Green indicates a healthy status.
    • Amber indicates that the device should be checked – however your mouse over the button and the status details are displayed such as battery level and reception strength.
    • Red indicates a connection has been lost
  • Gated or Non Gated: There are two connections available, Gated (used with Timing Gates) and Non-Gated (used for circular events).
    By default the first device connected will be indicated as a Gated start device. If you would like to change the device to be non gated or vice versa, drag the illuminated button that represents your start device to the correct position depending on what you intend to use it for

How the device works

  • Two Lights/LEDs: One light is for the ‘Current Race’, and the second is for the ‘Next Race’ or secondary race (the timer can time two races simultaneously). When a light is SOLID green, this indicates that the timer is ready to be triggered, and the starting marshal can begin the race
  • Starting signal: The device sends a wireless signal to the finish line wireless Timing dongle connected to your computer
  • Starting trigger: The starting signal is triggered by either
    • Option one: A cap explosion, which results in the speaker on the start device sending a start signal. This means that you can connect the wireless start device to your existing cap guns
    • Option two: Pushing the ‘Start’ button on the device. This will send a start signal, as well as send a digital gun sound to the microphone output on the device. If this is connected to a speaker / amplifier, then a gun sound will be emitted. 

Starting Marshall info

  • Once the finish line computer operator has moved to the Race screen, the Starting Marshall will notice that the wireless start device will show a solid Green light for that particular race.

  • Current Race: If there is only one race being run, the top ‘Current Race’ light will be solid Green. Once the Starting Marshall triggers the start signal, the top Current Race light will begin flashing Green. If this does not occur, the starting signal has not been received by the finish line timer and the Starting Marshal should call the race back and investigate.

  • Next Race: If there is already a race being run, the top ‘Current Race’ will be flashing green – this indicates that the first timer is being used. The second green light indicating the ‘Next Race’ will be solid Green and is ready to be triggered. Trigger the start device, and the bottom race light will also begin flashing green. Note: This Next Race timer will only be available if this setting has been ticked in the settings menu

Starting Device Tips

  • Ensure that your device stays in good line of sight of the finish line wireless dongle device. This will ensure that reception is maximised. For more information about reception click here
  • Keep the device vertical as much as possible, and do not lie down horizontally on the ground, particularly behind objects.
  • If the starting device is set to have its microphone turned on to receive start trigger from cap gun, then it may be accidentally triggered by being bumped against a solid surface (eg. when the starter places the pistol on a hard surface, or sometimes when the starter recaps the gun). If this occurs, the timer will be started. The finish line computer operator needs to recognise this, and Restart the race timer. The Starting Marshall should not begin the race until the race light has been returned to solid green – this is their crucial communication medium
  • Be careful not to turn the device off by pressing the on/off button

Changing Batteries

You are able to change batteries on the device. Leave the device on, and then undo the backing of the device and remove the batteries. Replace the batteries, and turn the device back on. It should repair with your computer. 

Settings for Start Devices

You can find settings relating to the start device sensitivity in the General tab of the Settings menu at the top right of TrackHQ screens

  • To adjust the sound sensitivity on the start device, use the drop down menu and adjust to either Low, Medium, High or even Microphone Off which is best used when you are using the push button start /  digital speaker rather than a cap gun

Attaching the Bracket for Jex Cap Gun

The bracket supplied with the start device allows you to attach it directly to the Jex cap gun. See images below on how to do so.

1. Bracket, start device and screws

2. Attach bracket to start device with the two bigger screws

3. Remove the screw from the nose of the Jex cap gun 
4. Replace the screw from the nose of the Jex cap gun with the long thin screw provided
5. Attach the cap gun to the start device using the wing-nut provided
6.  The Microphone on the inside of the start device will pick up the loud cap noise and start the race for you. If the Jex gun brakes, simply transfer the start device to the replacement Jex cap gun
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