Part 6 Running Gated Events



 Proceed to Race Screen

  • Once you are finished with the setup steps and connecting wireless start devices, press the Continue button at right of screen and you will move on to the Race screen

Steps to Running a Gated Race

  • Select an Event from the ‘Select Event’ drop down list (Note: The available events will be populated from ResultsHQ if you have done a web refresh. This list can be edited via Settings (cog at top right) and then pressing Event List tab)
  • To Start a Race:
    • Option 1: Press the Ctrl key on your key board
    • Option 2: Click the Start button on the screen with you mouse
    • Option 3: If you have a wireless Start Device connect, the starter can start the timer
  • Once athletes have crossed the line you will see a time and a place appear for each active lane
  • Add Member Details: You have the option to enter in the athletes details
    • Option 1: If you don’t have any members / athletes registered in the system, you may wish to simply type in the athlete’s name.
    • Option 2: If you do have members registered via ResultsHQ, type in or scan in the athlete ID numbers for each of the lanes with times in them. The name will be shown on the screen.
    • Option 3: If you know the athlete name but not their ID number, then start typing their name and it will display the known name that best matches your spelling. Note: Similar to option two, you must have your registered members loaded from ResultsHQ
  • Save Results: Save the race results by pressing ‘Save’. Pressing Save will save the results to a .thq file which is saved in your MyDocuments/ResultsHQ directory in a date stamped folder. It will also print off a receipt ticket if you have this setting turned on.
  • If you do NOT wish to save the race results, press Delete - this will remove all of the events details permanently

Other Options / Features in Gated Race Screen

  • Removing Inner Lanes: If you need to remove lane one and two for circular distance events, un-tick the box to the left of these lanes. AFTER you have deactivated the gates in this way, you can then physically remove the gate between lane one and two (and the inner gate if required). Do NOT turn off the gates and just remove them without deactivating on the screen first.
  • False Start: If  a false start occurs, press the Rerun button and then select Yes, to reset the clock.
  • Results Editing: Options from here include
    • Drag and drop a time into another lane or to the Bin to delete it
    • Right click on a lane and add a time
  • Asterix: If you have an asterix (*) next to a time in a line this means you have more than one time for that lane, or a single beam time has been recorded.
    • Multiple Times: Click on the time and you will find that there are mulitple times. This means more than one person finished in a lane. You can ignore the additional times or drag them into other lanes or to the first time place for the same lane. Simply click and hold the mouse icon on the time that you wish to drag, and then drag it and drop it onto the position that you would like it to be saved
    • Single Beam: RaceHQ will let you know if a time has been triggered by only a single beam being triggered, this will be the bottom beam. This may occur when shorter children run through the gates
    • For a more detailed explanation, click here
  • Ignore: Press “Ignore” to prevent any times being recorded. This may be required when running relays
  • Multiple Timers: Smaller clock is “Next Race”, bigger clock is “Current Race”
  • Extras column: Extras column displays PBs and CRs
  • Results ordering: Click on “Lane” to sort by Lane or Place order
  • Setup: Take you back to the set up screen
  • Test Alignment: Test all gates alignment at once
  • Saved Events: Click here to display and edit saved events
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