Part 7 Editing Saved Events



Saved Events / Editing Results

Edit Saved Events within RaceHQ

You’re able to edit saved race results during competition, or at the end of your competition. Simply press ‘Saved Events’ which is at the bottom right of the RaceHQ race screen

  • Race Details – Number, Distance, Auto Age and Gender, comments and time
  • Drop down list shows all the races in order from newest to oldest. Green tick means all lanes have a known name. Orange tick means its missing one or more names for a lane
  • Extras column displays PBs and CRs. Icons:
    • Star =  PB
    • Blue cloud = Saved to ResultsHQ
    • Trophy = Centre Record. Cancel the Centre Record by clicking on it
  • Search other dates
  • File name and location for local save
  • Edit Event type and insert and comments
  • Edit time by clicking on the time you want to adjust
  • Scan or key in the member ID… or type in their name
  • Quick navigate up or down through the saved events


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