Trolley Assembly

Here are a few steps to help you assemble your Timing Solutions trolley...


1. You will receive the parts to your trolley in a box. They will be packaged such as below:


 2. Once unpacked you should find the below parts:



3. First you will need the base of the trolley, the turning base and the two steel axles, as per the below picture


4. The next step is to insert the steel axles into the appropriate spaces on the underside of the two sections of trolley base, allowing even space for the wheels. You may need a hammer to knock these steel axles into place as it is quite a tight fit. See picture below as to what the end product should look like



5. You can then turn over the trolley to its normal standing position and insert the two plastic rods. You will need to knock these into place with a hammer. Try to use the pre drilled holes in the plastic rod and base section into which it needs to be pushed as a guide. As you will notice, the plastic rods vary in length;

  • The longer section needs to go through the large base section, as well as the smaller separate turning section. This rod is longer as it needs to push through two sections of plastic.
  • The shorter section needs to be pushed into the section of base that already has the axle assembly in place. This rod is shorter as it only needs to push through on section of plastic.


 6. The next step is to screw in two screws into the underside of the trolley, specifically into the plastic rods that you've just inserted. You'll noticed a guidehole already in place. Using a hand drill or screw driver, drive a screw into the guide hole. This then secures the rod into place. The approximate location of these is indicated by the blue and yellow stickers in the picture below



7. Next you can attach the handle using the hinged bracket provided. You will need to drill four screws through one side of the hinge, and into the handle, and another four through the hinge and into the plastic base of the trolley. Be sure to have the hinge in the correct orientation




8. Attach the four wheels to the trolley: Push the wheels into place and then use the four split pins (or Retainer clips) to hold the wheels in place


9. Finally, secure the plastic block that holds the timing poles in place. This will have two 8mm holes drilled through in which will align with two holes drilled onto the trolley base. Using the 2 x 100m silver bolts and the 2 x wing nuts, secure the block into place. If you ever need to transport your gates you may find it beneficial to remove this block, with the gates still within it. 


 And now your ready to load it up with your Wireless Timing Gates and hit the track!

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